FileFormat.Info badge The idea and original design came from FileFormat.Info.
iText badge I use the iText library for Java to generate the PDF files.
Twitter badge The web design for LabelMakr is the Bootstrap template from Twitter.
Powered by Jetty LabelMakr runs on the Jetty WebServer.
UrlRewriteFilter badge I use UrlRewriteFilter to make pretty URLs.
Java badge I wrote all the code for LabelMakr in Java (currently running on version 1.6.0_15-b03).
Java badge I build and deploy using Apache Ant.
Unicode badge Files are saving using the Unicode standard (current encoding is ANSI_X3.4-1968).
Tango Project badge Icons are from the Tango Project.
RpxNow logo Logins are done via RpxNow from JanRain.
Linode logo I am hosting LabelMakr on a VPS from
Ubuntu logo LabelMakr is running on 32-bit Ubuntu (current Linux kernel is version
1and1 I registered the domain at 1and1, the cheapest reputable place to get domain names. I use GoDaddy's Total DNS Control system to manage the DNS records.
Marcaria I registered the domain at Marcaria but I am not using it because I couldn't get Google to index it as English.