These are just notes for myself. Don't take them as promises/plans/etc. Maybe someday I will get a decent bugtracker to keep them in.

color picker: update hex # before hide:
	$('.colorinput').colorpicker().on('changeColor', function(ev){
	bodyStyle.backgroundColor = ev.color.toHex();

/_label/ - help tip for line height not working
/_label/ - add help tip to background image w/dimensions
/_label/ - color picker
/_label/*.html - input lost when navigating back

/font/index.html - checkboxes (in new column on left) and button (in new row at bottom) to submit to compare.pdf
/_font/preview.png - font name rendered in the font
/font/index.html - show preview images
/_font/ - prevent Helvetica for invalid font codes
/support/printer-margins.html - screenshots for all tested software.  Accordian to view them.
/label/index.html - tabs for paper size (and 'all' tab).  default based on browser locale

404 page with mappings for moved pages:
	/sheet/ to /label/

remember formatting settings (cookie?  LocalStorage?)

privacy policy
terms of service

include parameters in PDFs

include headers in PDFs (encrypted?)

/font/no-font - note about donating fonts

move /font/no-font.html to /support/


	- Hello my name is
	- Warning/Danger
	- Wine
	- Tickets
	- bar-coded inventory
	- QR-coded inventory
label.ini - list-rotated=Y for ones that should be listed.

	- better linode image
	- better marcaria image
	- better ffi image
	- better godaddy image
	- no ad

problem with fonts before call to FontUtil.getAvailableFonts

/_sheet/icons.html: note about hot-linking

/admin/userlist.html - list of users

	- calc width of font names
	- right align font names
	- use textarea for sample text

support: howto convert dfont -> ttf (fondu)
support: howto change font name
support: howto switch embed flag

/security/login: write to log
/font/ - upload & create custom sample PDF
/_sheet/ - set default font

  x4 labels per page:           Avery-5168
  x6 labels per page:           Avery-5264
  x10 labels per page:          Avery-5263, 5663, 5963, 8163
  x20 labels per page:          Avery-5161, 5261, 5661, 5961
  x14 labels per page:          Avery-5162, 5262, 5662, 5962, 8162, 8252, 8462,
									 15162, 18162, 18662
  x30 labels per page:          Avery-5160, 5260, 5660, 5960, 5970, 5971, 5972
									 5979, 5980, 6241, 6460, 6245, 8660
  x80 labels per page:          Avery-5167, 5267, 5667, 6467, 8167
  10 business cards per page:  Avery-5371, Maco-LL8550
  84 35mm slides per page:     SlidePro, SlideScribe
  16 labels per page:          Avery-7162
  x32 labels per page:          Avery-6571
  x21 labels per A4 page:       Avery-7160
  24 labels per A4 page:       Avery-7159
  65 labels per A4 page:       Avery-2651
  8 labels per 10" page:       Avery-2160, Maverick-ST340817

  9 square Avery 3111
  9 diskette 5096
  8 name badge Avery 15395, 5095, 5395
  10 business cards Avery 25371
  8 business cards Avery 28373, 3612
  video: 1599-face, 1599-spine
  tent cards 5305
  3x5 index cards: 5386
  4x6 5389

FontUtil - manually register fonts (w/good names)
FontUtil - by default, only selected fonts


credits: nginx, opencsv, adsense, MS (& other fonts)
faq: advertising/sponsorship

dynamic icons
404: redirects for old pages
use messageformat for csv
text options: hide some stuff under advanced, make color a drop-down
500: show exception stack trace
more fonts
font proof sheet (uploaded font)
font proof sheet (one font, all characters)
login: debug mode off by default
security/index: better formatting, title
support: margin settings for Acrobat 5-N

help for simple merge format
help for CSV format
JMX: operating system

contact page to send email

MySQL tables:
 - UserBase (user #, provider, idstring, email, displayname)
 - UserProperty
 - AccountBase (account #)
 - AccountUser (account, user, role)
 - AccountProperty
 - AccountFile
 - LoginLog
 - EventLog (or use syslog?)
 - Counter

SKU table
	label (handle)
	brand (avery)
	model # (6154)
	pagecount (# of sheets in package, null for rolls)
	labelcount (# of labels total)
	printer compatibility (inkjet, laser, both)
	paper color (4-byte color code)
	tags: (recycled, easy-peel, matte, glossy...)

Price table
	vendor sku (or in sku table?)



FAQ for support

permanent redirects for moved pages

starting label for mail-merge

support for PDF background images

mail-merge-csv with JS to convert to text

	Staples: CJ (need to reapply)
	OfficeMax: Google Affiliate Network
	BuyOnlineNow: Google Affiliate Network
	OfficeDepot: LinkShare (pending)

templates: canvas DOC DOCX ODT SVG
margin-test: explanation
generate: into word/openoffice
ability to upload font

log of all fonts/images uploaded
 - type (font/image/data)
 - user
 - ip address
 - mimetype
 - original file name
 - data

More labels
 - roll (DYMO) labels
 - Metric versions of the sheet labels
 - envelopes