FileFormat.Info badge The idea and original design came from FileFormat.Info.


Java badge Java for all server-side code (vendor: Oracle Corporation, version: 14.0.2, J2SE JavaDoc, J2EE JavaDoc).
iText badge iText Java library to generate the PDF files (JavaDoc).
UrlRewriteFilter badge UrlRewriteFilter to make nice URLs (User Guide).
Apache Feather Commons Lang (JavaDoc) and Commons Codec (JavaDoc) from the Apache Software Foundation
Google logo Guava utility library from Google (JavaDoc).
jQuery logo jQuery to help with client-side JavaScript coding(Docs).
Github logo Github for source code hosting.
Jetty logo Jetty Java servlet container for development.
Ant logo Apache Ant for builds.
Unicode badge Files are saving using the Unicode standard (current encoding is UTF-8).
Ubuntu logo Ubuntu for development.

Design & Graphics

Bootstrap badge Bootstrap template from Bootstrap.
FontAwesome logo Font Awesome
VectorLogo.Zone logo VectorLogoZone - logos here on the credits page
Google logo Fonts in the PDFs are from Google Fonts (aka Google WebFonts).


1and1 I registered the domain at 1and1, the cheapest reputable place to get domain names. I use GoDaddy's Total DNS Control system to manage the DNS records.
Marcaria I registered the domain at Marcaria but I am not using it because I couldn't get Google to index it as English.


Wufoo badge Contact page is powered by Wufoo.
Google badge Tracking is powered by Google Analytics.
NodePing badge System status tracking is by NodePing.