How come my labels don't print right?
The problem is almost always the printer margins & auto-scaling. See how to disable my printer margins.
Do I really not need any software installed?
Well, not quite. But hopefully you already have it installed. Since you are reading this, you obviously have a web browser. The other software is a PDF reader, since I generate the labels as PDF files.

The Adobe one is free and works fine: Get Adobe Reader
And there are a variety of open source ones available as well:
My label is not supported. Can you add it?
Yes! You will need to send me a few sheets so I can get exact measurements.
What fonts are available? What do they look like?
Check out the font list and font samples PDF.
You do not have the font I want. Can you add it?
We are working on support for uploading your own private fonts. Until then, no.